In Memoriam – Tribute to Prof. Mitchell M. Tseng as Teacher, Mentor and Friend (HKUST International Students)

To Jennifer, Sophia, Angie, Family, his Friends, Colleagues and Students

On the 24th of October 2019 we received a message that stemmed its way right into our hearts – it was the news that Prof. Mitchell M. Tseng, our teacher, mentor and, more than this, our friend, has passed away. Even though we were aware of his health condition and the many battles he had to fight in past years, whenever we met or talked to him he was strong at heart, optimistic and even enthusiastic about all the things to come, implicitly assuring all of us he is and will be here for us – no worries. But now everything changed! Of course, it is not unusual in the stage of our lives to witness friends and colleagues loosing teachers and mentors but we felt it would never happen to us. Yet it did. What a loss, what a tragedy! 

Eternal Memory and Everlasting Gift: In memory of Prof. Mitchell M. Tseng

Mitchell M. Tseng's students and Du Xuehong

Back from morning jogging, I glanced at my phone messages. It was from Janet: "Sister, our professor passed away, did you know that?" No! I texted you immediately: "You are still around, right? Anxious for your reply!" Right away another message to Mrs. Tseng, Jennifer: "Two minutes ago I heard that Prof. Tseng passed away. Would you please confirm with me that it was not true at all!" Can’t wait further, I dialed your cell in Taiwan. "Hello!", replied by a female voice, my heart was beating fast, it was Jennifer. She said “I just saw your message. It's true!" – the words I never want to hear about!

What a loss!

Prof. Dr. Kathrin M. Möslein

Vice President

Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU)

I would like to send you my deepest condolences. I still cannot believe that Mitch has passed away. His vision and passion will definitely live on. Mitch was such an incredible inspiration to me: I will never forget the early conference with Frank and Ralf at HKUST, but even more the recent work with FCU. His vision, passion and the incredible commitment to make his visions come true were incredible.

I won’t forget when he first came to Nuremberg and told about the early plans of the new school and programme, the visits with his president, colleagues and students, the influence he had on my latest „Habilitand“ and early career scholar Albrecht Fritzsche – who just finished his habilitation last week which he dedicated to Mitch. The school and programme are in impressive shape. His students are passionate and will continue to further his vision.

Remembering A Long Time Colleague and Friend 

Hau L. Lee Stanford University  

November 8, 2019 

In was the beginning of the 90’s, and I was visiting Digital Equipment Corporation in the Boston area.  I was told then that a key senior manager at DEC, Dr. Mitchell Tseng, was leaving DEC to become the first inaugural Department Head of the Department of Industrial Engineering at HKUST.  Mitch was someone whom I have known for years, when he was a representative from DEC visiting Stanford’s Institute of Manufacturing and Automation on several occasions, and who had hosted me to give a workshop on service parts management a year earlier.  Being from Hong Kong myself, I sought to meet with Mitch to tell him how happy I was that he was heading to HK.  The two of us met at the cafeteria at one of the DEC buildings, and we exchanged preliminary ideas of mutual collaboration in the future.  This cafeteria conversation, as it turns out, has formed the root of our long-term relationship. 


─ 逢甲大學金融學院 劉炳麟主任



永恆的禮物 永遠的懷念 

─ 沉痛悼念恩師曾明哲教授


晨跑回來掃了一眼手機,是 Janet 的短信:“師姐,老師 10 月 21 日走了,你知道嗎?”不會吧?即刻發短信給您:“您還在,是嗎?我們等您的回復!”又發短信給師母 Jennifer:“兩分鐘前得到消息說 Prof. Tseng 走了, 想從您這裡知道:這不是真的!”等不及回復,又拨通您在臺灣的手機,“Hello!”─ 那邊傳來的是女聲,我的心一下子提了起來,是 Jennifer!她說,剛看到我的短信,“是真的”─ 電話裡傳來我最不願聽到的三個字!




─ 逢甲大學人文社會學院 翟本瑞院長




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